The construction landscape in South Florida is constantly changing. As the world continues to shift to a remote-based work environment, executives in a project might not always be able to personally inspect the work completed.

Sentinel Pros recognizes this daunting tasks, and provides feasible solutions to these tasks. Our HD imagery and 3D mapping technologies are the next best thing to viewing in person. Routine low-cost scanning and surveillance can assist in asset protection against vandalism in theft, and reduce efforts to backtrack when a significant event happened. Sentinel Pros also can assist with the application of FEMA reimbursements, by providing unmatched quality visuals, in formats and files ready for submission.

Contract Sentinel Pros for your next construction project! Our expert team of pilots will assist you with:

  • HD Images and Videos Documentation of Construction Progress
  • 2D and 3D Geo Mapping of Construction Sites
  • Data Management for Historical Files
  • Real-time streaming to Management from sites
  • Assets Protection for Vandalism and Theft
  • Assets Protection from Natural Disasters (Hurricane, Fires, Storms,etc.)
  • Insurance Claims
  • FEMA Reimbursement